Shadow-Caster’s full color underwater lights such as the SCR-24-CC or the SCM-10-EXT-CC have become the most popular choice for boaters that don’t want to choose just one color. However, users can choose one of 5 single color options. The condition of the water where the lights will be used is a big factor in this decision. Often the decision on color is made to compliment the color theme of the boat. We typically do not recommend white lights for areas where the color of the water is dark or murky, as the white light will tend to filter through as the color of the water.

Shadow-Caster offers the following 5 different single-color options.

  • Great White – Is best where the water is clear and where a good view of underwater life is wanted.
  • Bimini Blue – This is our most popular color and is very popular with the offshore fishing crowd. It is an intense and vivid blue and offers a pleasant tropical island color.
  • Ultra-Blue – This shade of blue falls more towards the violet end of the spectrum than bimini-blue. It is a great choice to compliment purple hulls where customers want to really stand out from the crowd. Note that your eye is not as sensitive to this color, and the ultra-blue will appear less bright than the comparable bimini-blue.
  • Aqua Green – This color is very popular with the inshore fishing crowd. And generally accepted as a great color for attracting bait fish.
  • Cool Red – Is very intense and most popular with the “Go Fast” boating crowd. It provides an eerie and ominous red color under the water.