Shadow-Caster is pleased to announce their successful integration with Garmin® OneHelm™ platform.  This product will be officially released at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show, this week, February 15th-19th 2018. Come by our booth, C745 for a live demonstration.

This exciting platform provides users with complete integrated control of all lighting on a vessel. With Shadow-Caster’s system, the user can set the brightness and color, for multiple zones through their Garmin multi-function display. The interface allows users to easily set up a unique “lighting scene” and access that scene by conveniently pressing one button. The lighting commands are communicated by an emerging NMEA 2000 lighting standard. “This new platform, is the culmination of years of developmental efforts, to recreate controlled integrated lighting for the marine environment” said President, Brian Rogers, of Shadow-Caster LED Lighting.

Shadow Caster LED Lighting designs and manufactures LED lighting and control products for both marine and outdoor use. We offer a wide variety of underwater and above water marine lights, lighting controllers and accessories, and outdoor LED lighting systems.