Better by Design

Shadow-Caster products are all designed in-house using a multi-disciplinary approach. We incorporate our expertise in electrical, optical, military level mechanics and software engineering to make a superior product. All Shadow-Caster products are designed to exceed customer demands for the harsh environment that they will be exposed to.

Vertical integration

Shadow-Caster manufactures their products in house. These operations include precision machining of the housings and placing electronic components with their own electronic production equipment all the way to final assembly and precise quality control steps. This investment in infrastructure allows us to control every aspect of the quality and assure the best products for our customers

Technical leadership

Shadow-Caster is a leader in creating marine lighting standards. Our lighting control helped create the standards for the NMEA 2000. This allows all of the industry to benefit in the use of a common light control language. Shadow-Caster’s combination of passion to make great products for the marine industry and the technical know-how to do it make Shadow-Caster a clear choice for your marine lighting needs.

Continuous improvement of product and process

Shadow-Caster’s production team’s mission statement is “Build a Better Product Every Day”. The combination of drive and dedication to make the best marine lighting products on the market lead us to keep going.